Sunday, May 27, 2007

DE:TGD Getting Closer

I finished up my part of the signing sheets for Dead Earth: The Green Dawn this past week (and if you want a harsh reminder of how horrible your handwriting is, just sign your name a couple of thousand times). Cover artist Glenn Chadbourne signed before me. I boxed up the sig sheets and shipped them off to Gary A. Bruanbeck, who wrote the introduction to the book. He, in turn, will pass them along to co-author David T. Wilbanks. Once Diamond Dave mails them across the pond to Pete Crowther at PS Publishing, the presses should roll and the book should finally be released.

In case you'd like to preorder the book, here are the links at

Lettered edition

Jacketed hardcover

Trade hardcover


I should have a major new book announcement on Pod of Horror #35, which will debut next weekend if the Pod Gods allow.

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