Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Good Writing Weekend

Things have been crazy lately, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

From a writing standpoint, this has been a pretty good weekend. First, I sold a story to an anthology I really wanted to get into. I’ve been asked not to reveal any of the details until the publisher’s official announcement near the end of the month.

Later, I found out that another anthology I’m in is coming back into print. Again, this is an announcement the publisher needs to make. You can be sure I’ll yap about it when it’s time.

Finally, I finished a novelette I’ve been working on for a while. The story threatened to get out of control, but I managed to get it within the word count I was shooting for. This is going to a publisher who had asked for something for me a while back. Wish me luck.

Now it’s back to one of the novels I have underway. After a verbal ass-kicking from a major horror author, I’ve committed to finishing two novels by October. I don’t think I’ll post a word count this time around. It certainly doesn’t motivate me, and I don’t get the feeling that anyone else cares about it (oddly enough, I love to check the blogs of other writers when they’re provided a word count of their work in progress).

And for those who have asked about a sequel to Dead Earth: The Green Dawn, it’s finished and is being revised now. It’s not one of the novels I referred to above.

Now for anyone who wondered what happened to February’s episode of Pod of Horror, here’s the short answer: the studio blew up. I have technical issues out the wazoo. PoH may not be back in March, but will probably return in April. Meanwhile, find another podcast to hold you over. There are a lot of good ones out there. In fact, any podcaster who want a plug, drop me a note and I'll pimp you in a future column.

Coincidentally, I just previewed a podcast from a well-known horror author, one who is legendary for the entertainment value in his live readings. The podcast version of this guy is just as incredible. As soon as it’s available, I’ll let you know.


Bryan Hitchcock said...

Hi, Mark.

Glad you got some writing going. Sorry PoH is encountering difficulties. I miss it a lot.

On the writing front, a story I sold over a year ago (my first) is finally making it into print. Lords of Justice from Carnifex Press is an anthology of original super hero stories, featuring my story Cold Snap about an Iraq War vet and her struggle to deal with civilian life , super powers, and a mean-ass villain.

Since you love comic books, I thought you might be interested.

Good luck with everything. Hang in there.

All the best,

KentAllard said...

As one of the people asking about the Dead Earth sequel, let me say that's great news. And I'm glad to hear we can expect more of your work in the near future.