Monday, May 26, 2008

Bone Songs Downsized

Because of the tough economy, Delirium Books is dramatically downsizing their publishing schedule. One of the casualties of the cuts is the trade paperback edition of my collection Bone Songs. Delirium will still publish the limited edition hardcover of the book, which has been pushed back to April 2009.

I’m free to shop the trade paperback to other publishers, but I imagine it will be a tough sell because 1) I’m not a big name and 2) collections generally, I’m told, don’t sell as well as novels.

However, if I do find a publisher for the Bone Songs paperback it will be a different book than the hardcover.

I plan to use the two stories that made up the sold-out Deadneck Hootenanny to bookend the collection. I’ll also add a few other pieces that weren’t written when Bone Songs sold to Delirium.

I’ll let you know when and if anything develops. Now back to the novel in progress.

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