Sunday, August 17, 2008

So How Was Your Weekend?

Other than a small automobile woe early Saturday and a touch of upset stomach tonight, it’s been pretty good.

It was a rare weekend off for me, and I only had two goals (always set the bar low, says I): to send out the synopsis for the anthology (it’s a licensed character and it has to be approved in advance) and finish the edits on the Dead Earth sequel.

I managed to do both.

I also took a long walk this morning with my wife, chopped about 8000 tomatoes for her lasagna sauce, and watched some movies. Here’s a quick recap:

Shutter: Okay, a bit predictable. C
The Bucket List: Much better than I expected. B+
Definitely, Maybe: Exactly what I expected. B-
Dead and Gone: I think I’ll save this for a later post, along with my review of the novel.


I really missed Horrorfind this year, though the negative reviews make me glad I didn’t waste the money.

I’m thinking of checking out Context at the end of September. It’s pretty close (less than three hours) and has a lineup of guests that sounds interesting.


So far, Brides of the Impaler by Edward Lee is very good.

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