Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bridge to Mark

I have a column in the new issue of Bridges magazine. While it probably won't hold much interest for anyone outside of this area, if you want to read it you can go to the site or click on the page below.


Anonymous said...


James Miller from down the street long time ago.

Do you remember the guy in the monster suit during the 70s running around the woods in Cheaspeake? Any further sightings?

Whatever happened to Gary "Music" Miller who so clearly hated the song "Mr. Telephone Man", he broke into the studio and smashed the record on air. You don't see that kind of commitment to the music anymore. ;)

Mark Justice said...

Hey, good to hear from you.

Haven't heard from the monster guy since the 70s. That takes me back.

I don't think Gary is currently in radio.

Ron Fortier said...

Hahaha, great feature, Mark. I was totally unaware of your wide and fast scope of human knowledge. I bow before such sage and undiluted wisdom.

Mark Justice said...

Ron, if you need to know anything, just give em a shout. If I don't know it, I'll make it up.