Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Fine Introduction

Yesterday, author Ronald Kelly sent along his introduction to my collection Looking at the World With Broken Glass in My Eye. You'll have to wait until 2010 to read the whole thing, but I couldn't stop myself from sharing a paragraph I particularly enjoyed:

"The collection you hold in your hands is an excellent example of what Mark Justice can do with words, imagination, and a generous helping of twisted humor. As I read these tales, I was completely drawn into their storylines. The characters were akin to folks I know or knew growing up, the places familiar ground that I had walked all my life. Mark is damn good at that. He’s the kind of natural storyteller that was once so plentiful in the South, but now has dwindled down to a surviving few. And the man can make you laugh! Laugh so danged hard that you nearly want to pee. (I don’t think I actually pissed myself during the reading of these tales, but I do think I lost a drop or two)."

Meantime, Ron's new novel Hell Hollow is out in a couple of months. Look for a review here very soon.

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