Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hometown Hijinks

This is just a reminder for those who reside near here, that I will be the guest speaker at the Flatwoods Halloween Homecoming Saturday, October 31.

I love living in a small town, and getting to speak at my city’s annual celebration – especially a Halloween celebration – is more than a tad cool.

In honor of the occasion, I wrote an original ghost story for kids, set in the Flatwoods City Park. Copies are free, if you’d like to grab one Saturday.

Also on the local news front, I was named Best Radio personality by the reader’s of The Daily Independent. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Growing up, I wanted to do two things: be on the radio and write. Now I get to do both, so I’m a lucky guy (And I’m not counting my brief flirtation with being a gumshoe; things you do for three days at age 11 shouldn’t count).

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