Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hometown Horrors

Thanks to all those who turned out for the Flatwoods Halloween Homecoming. It was a great event, despite the morning rain.

I was honored to be chosen as the guest speaker this year. The speech went well, I think. At least the small audience laughed in the right places.

The local paper did a story on the party, and it's fairly accurate, except the reporter believes Norma's maiden name was Kay. You can read it here.

Lucky for me -- and for the world of photography --it looks like I managed to escape without anybody snapping a picture of me. I took a few, though, and this is one of my favorites.

Connie Jones, legendary DJ Ernie G. Anderson (never looking better), almost-legendary DJ M.J. McKay, Norma Kay Justice.

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Anonymous said...

Was Norma dressed up as Mothwoman? She's gorgeous in the costume, but I just noticed how much the wings remind me of some drawings I've seen of Mothman, Mark. Thanks for your blog and for the great photos! I think I'm going to start reading them here instead of MySpace, since they're easier to read on Blogger's site! LOL!