Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking at the World With Broken Glass in My Eye

This is the cover of my collection due out in the next few weeks from Graveside Tales.

It contains about 100,000 words of fiction, much of it unpublished. The collection also includes the long sold-out Deadneck Hootenanny and two original novellas.

Here's the lineup:

Introduction by Ronald Kelly

Author’s Foreword


Black Wings


Life’s Work

Father’s Day

Nursing Home of the Gods-Unpublished

Auschlander’s Gem-Unpublished

Looking at the World with Broken Glass in my Eye-Unpublished

Hell is a Lonely Street-Unpublished

The Losers Vs Beelphegor

Song of the Bones


Agent of Death-Unpublished

Hole in the Sky

The Truths We Cannot Bear-Unpublished

Das Hollenfeuer

The Autumn Man-Unpublished

Deadneck Reckoning

As soon as the book is available, I'll give you a link.

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