Monday, October 31, 2011

500 Miles, Changes and Farts

Here's a nifty little video that was created for the end of producer Russell T Davies' and star David Tennant's run on Doctor Who. And who doesn't like singing, dancing aliens ?

Nice, eh? I think the world needs more of Billie Piper dancing. But that's just me.


I have a theory. I think we’re changing all the time, you and I. Even when you think you aren't. Even that hard-headed redneck miscreant who doesn't seemed to have evolved past the Neanderthal stage. He’s changing, too.

Some of the changes are big, and you can feel them happening, like when that guy who comes over and drinks all your beer while you watch football wraps his truck around a tree when he’s loaded, leaving you reeling like the elevator door opened and you almost stepped through into that empty, black abyss. That’s the moment you quit drinking.

Some of the changes are smaller and almost glacier-slow, like the way your political views morph as you spend time with friends and/or a spouse, or the way you start out hating musicals, but you put up with them because they’re important to the woman you’re in love with and, quite unexpectedly, one day you find yourself humming “Seasons of Love” or “Tonight”.

So what’s this all about?

As most of my friends know, 2011 has been a hell of a year. It was so hard on my wife. And, it turns out, it really kicked my ass, too. The experience–the ongoing experience–has changed me both profoundly and in subtle ways.

It’s like I can feel my brain being rewired. Things that once seemed so important to me are now little more than dusty curiosities, while others things, things that were always vital, are now so significant to me that I have trouble find the words to express their importance.

I’m Mark 2.0, with 2.1, etc, not far behind.

But just so you don’t think I’ve changed too much, here’s a video of Peter Griffin farting.

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