Saturday, June 23, 2012

Where's Neelix?

Ethan Phillips, who played Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager, is starring in this movie tonight on SyFy. I had an interview scheduled with him Thursday to plug the flick.

There I was, ready to go, with all my little research notes, when the producer called to say, “There’s going to be a small delay.”

“What’s the problem?” I said.

‘We, uh, can’t find Ethan.”

So I went about my business and an hour or so later the producer called back to formally cancel the interview. They still couldn’t locate the actor. Neelix was apparently in hiding.

His latest credit is Arachnoquake, so you can’t really blame him. But, man, that spider looks SO real.

(And, yes, I’ll be watching this. I can’t help myself.)

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