Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Why There Wasn’t a Pod Of Horror In December

Because I have trouble saying no and I suck at time management.

That’s the simple – and basically true – answer. The more complicated one is that I have a job. It pays the bills and the mortgage and provides much-needed health insurance. And I like my job, unlike many people I know. It takes a lot of hours and it involves a certain amount of creativity and brain work. Some days when I finish, there’s hardly any gas left in the tank for other things, like writing.

I write a weekly newspaper column and a monthly web column (which I’m late with) and another quarterly column.

I also have published a few books and those require a bit of behind the scenes details which would be boring to the non-writers out there.

Also, like everyone else, I have to deal with the mostly mundane details of everyday life.

And I want to write more. I have dozens of ideas for novels and stories. These ideas tug at me and sometimes wake me in the middle of the night, demanding to be written down. The real agony (and, believe me, there is true pain involved here) comes from not having nearly enough time to do it all.

They say you make time for the things that are important to you. So here’s my priority list:

1)    My family.

2)    Staying employed.

3)    Writing.

4)    Pod of Horror.

I love PoH. I will continue to do PoH. I will try to have a new episode by the end of this month. But a more realistic target may be February because I’m on deadline to turn in a new book on January 31st. 

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