Friday, February 01, 2013

New Dead Earth

The little zombies 'n' aliens series that keeps on giving is back. Or, will be back soon.

I don't have a release date, but Audible lists the audiobook as being available on March 26.

Here's the description from Amazon:

After stopping a madman who controlled an undead army and barely surviving the destruction of the aliens responsible for the plague that decimated humanity, Jubal Slate leads a small band of humans across the shattered landscape of America, fighting off the forces of the living and the dead. The group races north pursuing a legend, a post-apocalyptic fairy tale: a town protected from the walking dead. Tired of the war and his nomadic life, Slate follows the path to Sanctuary, even while doubting its existence. Along a journey filled with hordes of zombies, Slate and his companions face new enemies and find themselves pursued by the final weapon of the vanquished necros. Is sanctuary even possible on a dead Earth? And if so, is the cost more than Jubal Slate is willing to pay?

Even after alien invasion and zombie armies, Slate will discover that the worst horrors are home grown.


I'll let you know when the book is available for pre-order.

Now back to writing the next Dead Sheriff.  

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