Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Afternoon

I took a break from the longer project to write half of a new story today. At least, it feels like half. These things tend to grow in the writing and are then usually chopped down in the editing. My writing time will be almost non-existent tomorrow and Saturday. I hope I can finish it on Sunday.

It's very different from the kind of fiction I usually write and I have no idea if there's any sort of market for it. Which is fine. It's one of those things that feels right when I'm getting it down, and sometimes that's the best reward. 

I may post it here or I may shelve it until I have a new collection of stories. That will happen one day. I have a long list of stories I need to write, including a funny one that sprang from a recent dream about science fiction writers in the 1970s and stolen starships and a daring rescue out past Pluto.

As for the longer project, I hope to have some positive news on that around mid-July. 

I also need to post a brief review of Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. That should happen sometime Sunday, too.

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