Monday, June 29, 2009

Pod of Horror #54

Pod of Horror #54 is a special Thriller edition, as best-selling authors David Morrell and James Rollins talk about their new books. Norm Rubenstein is back with Stoker reviews. We finally have a Tomb of Trivia winner. And we’ve got all the news that fits on Horror’s premier source for news, The Call of Kalanta. Get it at i-Tunes or download it here. Pod of Horror is hosted and produced by Mark Justice.

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Ron Fortier said...

Hi Mark. Enjoyed the interviews in this episode a great deal. I'm not a horror guy, so generally most of your excellent efforts aren't aimed at folks like me. But I most emphatically am a thriller-guy, and your having one of my favorites, David Morrell is all I need to listen in. And I've only recently discovered the joy of James Rollins work. So much enjoyed each interview.