Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blogging When I Should Be Doing Something Constructive

Hail from Vacation World. Or Stay-cation World, since I’ve left the house as little as possible (save for going to Lexington last week to see the unbelievable and inexplicable Unknown Hinson perform at The Dame. Here’s a photo taken by my sister-in-law of her dad, me and my brother sitting in the café of The Dame, enjoying a beverage and embarrassing the younger patrons with our inability to keep our voices down or refrain from discussing farm animals).

Our annual Fourth of July cookout was a nice affair, very mellow and marked by good food, great conversation and a light rain, which was kept at bay by the otherwise unsightly gigantic tree that sprouts from the middle of our deck. Norma did her usual terrific job of preparing food and, as usual, we had way too much. So even after sending plates of grub home with family and friends, we’re still eating leftovers on the Seventh of July.

Not much writing to report on these past couple of weeks. I always intend to be a productive little worker on vacation. Instead, I read, watch movies and sleep late.

Speaking of which, over the last couple of days I've enjoyed Gran Torino, Valkyrie, the animated Wonder Woman movie and Doctor Who: Planet of Death.

I've been reading a bunch of graphic novels this week. I've caught up on the Red Hulk, Justice Society of America and J. Michael Straczynski's run on Thor.

It does look like there is some progress on the publication of my story collection. I hope to be able to announce the details very soon.

Story Station has been updated. The Young Adult fiction online magazine I edit has new stories by Bev Vincent, Debra Purdy Kong and Vicki Miller Livesay. Check them out here. It’s free.

My brother and sister-in-law are in a music video from Davenport Cabinet, the solo project of Travis Stever from Coheed and Cambria. You can watch it here. Charlene is the one singing on the baby monitor. Dave is seen sleeping with a bunch of guitars and, in the last shot of the video, dining on a music sandwich.

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