Friday, December 09, 2005

Pacing The Floor

It's what I did last night, and what I always do when Norma proofs my writing. I know she's going to find several typos, and this time was no different. I could read over a manuscript 978 times and still miss things.

But she liked the story. I fixed the screwups, and the story is off to the editor.


I don't think I've mentioned our 2006 Cruise. From October 14-21 we'll be sailing on Carnival's Glory.

(Click on the link for a virtual tour of the ship I'd call The Big Ass Boat. Oddly, they don't let me name the ships.)

We're taking an Eastern Caribbean cruise, with stops in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Marteen.

Hopefully I'll get to parasail again. And maybe this time I'll remember to put sun screen on my feet. I should probably think about spending a little less time in the karaoke bar, too.

You can book this through your local travel agent or direct from Carnival. If you want to be part of our group (which includes an unquantifiable amount of fun), call 606-836-9696. If you book before December 31, you get an automatic cabin upgrade.

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