Saturday, July 01, 2006

Vacation Now!

Two weeks off. Two weeks at home. Vay-kay, baby.

Will I organize the comic book collection? Will I make a dent in the To Be Read pile? Ha!

In the mail today I got The Rutting Season by Brian Keene and We're All In This Together by Owen King (Stephen King's other son), so the TBR just got a little bigger.

Have I mentioned here how good The Farm by Scott Nicholson is? I know I did on the latest POH. Scott's an amazingly consistent writer. The Farm has a convincing setting, believable characters, real scares and man-eating goats.

Now that's a horror novel.

Over at The Late Late Show, my story "Mrs Sniffles" just went up, along with an audio version. I didn't have time this week to read the story, so Chris Fletcher tackled it. I'm looking forward to hearing someone else read my work.

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