Monday, July 02, 2007

25 Years of Being Married To Me????

Yep, 25 years ago Norma and I were hitched. I often tell people -- after they tell me I married up (which I get a lot) -- that alcohol was involved. Really, though, I don't know what made her say yes and what has kept her around for a quarter century. But I'm glad she has.

It's great to know someone has my back, and vice versa, no matter what happens. I'm not sure what influence I've had on her, but any tiny hint of social grace I possess is due to Norma. She's made me a better person, since it's impossible to be around her kindness and unselfishness every day and not be affected. And she had always had faith in my writing, long before I did.

Did I mention that she's beautiful and she's a great cook?

Sometimes it doesn't suck to be me.

Happy anniversary, honey.


Anonymous said...

Wow! 25 years is a long time... especially with the family she's had to deal with. Happy anniversary to both of you.


Mark Justice said...

Thanks, Baby Cousin.