Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas is Over

The Christmas tree and accompanying decorations came down today, on the 12th of January.

For my wife that's some kind of record. Normally, she wants to leave them up until June, though I can usually talk her into taking them down by Super Bowl weekend.

Just kidding, honey (*nervous giggle*).

Writing: sent off another short story to an anthology last night, just under the deadline. That's two in two weeks.

Now, to polish off the long pulp story (my apologies to Wayne for being so late with it). Then it's back to the novels.


For years I've suffered from severe leg cramps. Every few weeks I'll wake up with my calf knotted up in cramp that forces me out of bed, hopping around the bedroom to a whispered chorus of "Ohshitohshitohshit!" (whispered so I don't wake Norma). It happened again this morning (and, yes, I get plenty of potassium, drink plenty of water, etc). I mentioned it to my Mother today and she told me about a recent item in the syndicated medical column in the local paper. The doctor recommended putting a bar of soap in the bed to stop leg cramps.

I am not making this up.

I came home and Googled it. I found a ton of references, like this and this. Even the reliable (my source for debunking virtually every stupid right-wing email sent to me by people who aren't very concerned about facts) got in on the act.

So I have a bar of soap for bed tonight. Maybe it's a placebo. If it is, that's fine with me. If it means no longer waking up in agony, I'll have my bedsheets made out of Ivory soap.

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