Monday, January 07, 2008

Five O'Clock Whistle

It's quitting time.

The day was relatively free of suckage, at least for a Monday. I've been busy since 2:00 a.m., but things went smoothly. Wrote some good comedy. Made solid progress on the new story I mentioned yesterday. Took a walk with Ed the Female Dog. Norma cooked a great dinner and we watched Family Guy.

I'm reading Kill Whitey by Brian Keene to review for Horror World, but it looks like I'm sitting that aside for a few minutes because my brother just got back in town with a pile of old Marvel and DC comics he picked up for me at a flea market. The pile includes Iron Man, Justice League, The Brave and the Bold (Batman teams up with the Flash), The Hulk, Avengers, and one of my top five comics from the 70s, a wacky little chunk of funky we call...Master of Kung Fu.

So night-night, y'all.

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