Sunday, January 20, 2008


I just saw Cloverfield. Here are a few thoughts while they're fresh:

* The characters weren't as unlikable as some of the reviews would have you believe. That said, I felt no affection for any of them.

* The special effects were incredible.

* The monster was cool. My inner geek (who is not so inner most days) was pleased.

* As slick as the editing and promotion of the film were, the movie itself didn't really break new ground. It was an entertaining way to spend an hour and half.

* If you're looking for answers (i.e. What the hell does the title mean?) this isn't the movie for you. I understand why the woman in front of me stood up at the end and said "I want my three dollars back!"

* The trailers for HELLBOY 2 and IRON MAN looked even more impressive on the big screen. The Star Trek teaser was okay.

* My brother and I went to a matinée. Two tickets were six bucks. Two large drinks and two large popcorns were $19.50. No wonder people wait for the DVD.

* If you can't wait to see the Cloverfield monster, I've posted the picture below. Warning: this is scary!

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