Sunday, January 06, 2008

Let's All Go to the Movies

I spent the first part of the day watching the Sunday news shows (I'm a news/political junkie), then ran a bunch of errands.

The afternoon was devoted to working on a short story for another anthology. I thought I had more time for this one, but I realized the deadline is right on top of me. I made good progress and will hopefully finish it up tomorrow.


Yes, my Bengals will be watching the Super Bowl from home again this year. You know who'll be sitting on the couch with them? That's right...the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!


When I was on vacation we spent most of the time watching movies in a post-holiday stupor. Here's a nearly complete list of our viewing selections:

Superbad: *** out of ****. Raunchy and very funny.

The Reaping: **1/2 of ****. It was better than I'd expected. Hilary Swank did a great job.

Knocked Up: *** of ****. Gross, funny and warm. The first hybrid guy-chick flick. My wife loved it (and she also loved Superbad.)

Live Free or Die Hard: **** of ****. The best Die Hard since the original.

Waitress: **** of ****. An Oscar-worthy turn from Keri Russell in a quirky indie comedy, made poignant by the post-production murder of writer-director Adrienne Shelly.

Hairspray: * of **** if you hate musicals. **** of **** if you like them. It gets bonus points for casting Christopher Walken.

The Simpsons Movie: The same scoring system applies. If you like The Simpsons you'll love it. If you don't, you'll be wishing you were watching HGTV or something.

Equilibrium: **1/2 of ****. Christian Bale in a future where anyone displaying emotions gets executed. Sort of what the planet Vulcan be like if Stalin ran things. Gotta love that mad Gun Kata.

Eastern Promises: Viggo Mortenson is so badass he can put a beatdown on two Russian mobsters in a steam bath while unarmed and naked. *** of ****.

Flyboys: ** of ****. Corny, predictable and historically inaccurate. But it gets an extra star for those awesome dogfights (the aerial kind, not the Michael Vick kind).

Oceans 13: ** of ****. Same as it ever was.

A History of Violence: **** of ****. One of my favorite movies. I finally got Norma to watch it. And it turns out that she despises realistic violence. She prefers the Die Hard type. I know I'm a pig, yet I still have to say: Maria Bello naked. Mmmmmmmm.

Rush Hour 3: * of ****. Worse than it ever was.

Halloween: *1/2 of ****. I saw it in the theater and my opinion hasn't changed. If there had never been a John Carpenter Halloween, this would have been okay. The comparison just kills it.

Transformers: ** of ****. I was too old for the 80s Transformers craze, so I had zero expectations. I thought the SFX were amazing. Michael Bay knows when to drop in the stirring score. My wife bailed halfway through. "It's robots turning into trucks," she said. "Whoopie."

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film dude said...

rush hour three doesn't surprise me, though transformers totally rocked i thought