Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dead Earth: The Green Dawn--Update

My buddy Dave Wilbanks just clued me in to the new PS Publishing newsletter, which says our horror/sf novella Dead Earth: The Green Dawn is slated for release in March 2007. If it happens, that would be a few months earlier than anticipated. We all know that delays can happen, especially in the small press. But it would be cool if this really shows up in six or seven months.

For a description and a chance to pre-order, here are the links at for the hardcover and trade paperback. And the same for Clarkesworld Books, trade and hardcover.

No cover art yet. When there is, you can bet you'll see it right here.

Dave and I appreciate your support. Next time we see you we'll buy you a drink. Or give you a shoulder rub. Whichever is cheaper.

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