Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

I know it's only the first, but I'm giving you the official okey-dokey to celebrate all month along.

Over at Horror Web, they're really into the spirit of things. They're featuring a different horror story every day this month. My entry, "Halloween Everlasting", will appear on the 15th. I mention this now because I'll be in the Caribbean on that date.

So head over now and get into the spirit of the season.


Ron Fortier said...

A Halloween Cruise!! Now I've heard everything. That sounds so bloody
cool, Mark. Good for you.
I'm green with envy.

Mark Justice said...

I bring back some sand for you. :^)

Rich Ristow said...

Mr. Mark Justice. Love your horror podcast, but I had to google you to settle one thing in my head. That was: does this man actually look like a kentucky version of Ed Harris? Don't ask me what a "Kentucky version" is -- I lived for 7 years in west virginia, which is where i met my wife. And don't ask me why your voice brought Ed Harris to mind. perhaps, and this is just speculation, that my main radio hero has always been Phil Hendrie, so I imagine all good radio talents must be bald. stupid thinking, I know.