Saturday, October 07, 2006

X Appeal

Wildcat Book's revival of the classic pulp hero is now available. I had a ton of fun with my entry, so if you like action, adventure, good guys and monstrous menace, order it now.

Here's the description:

SECRET AGENT "X": Volume One... Presenting "The Man Of A Thousand Faces" in 4 Brand-New tales of Adventure & Intrigue! This great Pulp Hero returns in this first collection of startling stories that will thrill everyone who enjoys a rollicking tale where danger lurks around every corner, and only the Master Spy, "X", can hope to stem the tides of evil! Includes: "Skeleton-Men of Calcutta" by Kevin Noel Olson... "The Cult of the Walking Dead" by Mark Justice... "The Cold Touch of Death" by Brian Meredith... and "The Red Mercy" by Steven Atkins... Covers and Interior Art by Rob Davis, with "The Agent X-Files" by Norman Hamilton that gives an in-depth background of the character, and an Afterword by Ron Fortier, who is bringing the pulp genre back to life with his new line of Pulp Hero Anthologies. Anthony Schiavino again provides the wonderful production design that will make this book really stand out on your shelves... along with the future volumes in our on-going series starring... SECRET AGENT "X"!


Ron Fortier said...

Looking very good, amigo. I am so happy to have this book out and be able to share your great X story with the fans, plus those of Brian, Steven and Kevin as well. It really is an outstanding quartet of pulp thrills galore. Fans are going to eat this up. Thanks ever, pal.

Anthony Schiavino said...

You know, and I'm sure you heard me say this before, that when I work on these books I don't read them. I catch things here and there when editing but all in all I don't read the bulk of it. So the great part is I get to read these just as everyone else does. I can't wait. I experimented with a few things design wise on this and it might just blow some of the other books away. Can't wait to read your story. Looking forward to it.

Mark Justice said...

Guys, I can't wait to hold this in my hand (and the new Captain Hazzard, which will hopefully arrive on Monday or Tuesday).