Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Salty Sea Dog Returns To Port

I survived the cruise.

It was actually our best one yet. The ship was so huge that even with seven days I didn’t see all of it.

We had a great time drinking in Nassau, shopping at St. Thomas, snorkeling at St. John and visiting the topless beach on the French side of St. Maarten. Okay, I enjoyed the topless beach.

I got sunburned. I ate too much. I made a fool of myself whenever music was playing. I laughed my ass off at the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I even got hit on by a waiter who told me his nickname was Slippery Dick.

Ah, the memories.

We had a great group with us, and I found time to have 26 hours of fun a day and still read a few novels on the balcony of our stateroom.

Sleep, as they say, is overrated.

Traveling through Orlando airport was a nightmare. The U.S. Airways check-in was insane. Automated kiosks that have to be assisted by live people and a security line that seemed to stretch for miles.

I don’t think the latter is going to get better anytime soon.

Still, it was a great vacation. And when I get caught up on my sleep, I'll be ready to head out again.

As promised, Kelli at Horror Web ran "Halloween Everlasting" on October 15th. You can still read it here.


Chadwick H. Saxelid said...

Welcome home, glad to hear that you had fun.

Slippery Dick said...

Mark, I had a WONDERFUL time with you. It's always fun to meet a man with an open mind.

I hope you received the flowers I sent you, and best wishes.

Ron Fortier said...

Welcome back, Mark. Trip sounded like much fun. Am envious as hell. Hey,
read the Halloween story and loved it.
Bravo. Had a very Ray Bradbury feel to it. Just wonderful.

Mark Justice said...

Thanks, Ron. Glad you like the story. Speaking of Bradbury, I just picked up FAREWELL, SUMMER, the sequle to DANDELION WINE. So far it's excellent.