Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pod of Horror #33

Pod of Horror #33 is our longest episode yet, and it’s co-hosted by Brian Keene. Will Mark be able to get the shy, withdrawn Keene to speak his mind? *snicker*. Also:

* Hardcore horror legend Edward Lee speaks!

* Witness the premiere of horror’s nexus of news...The Call of Kalanta!

* Scott Nicholson talks about creating Appalachian chillers and raising goats!

* Scott Bradley gets his review on!

* And win free books in The Tomb of Trivia!

Pod of Horror is hosted by Mark Justice. Download it at I-Tunes or direct to your desktop.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Hootenanny of Blurbage

"Mark Justice has taken two horror tropes and rang some fresh changes on them. His 'deadnecks' will not only make you laugh, but you'll find yourself actually caring about some of them. I loved this book because this guy is a lot more than clever--he's a good writer."
--Thomas F. Monteleone
(author of a Lot of Stuff)

The dead are coming back to eat you...then they'll drink beer and watch NASCAR.
Deadneck Hootenanny, this summer from Novello Publishers

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pod of Horror #32

Dave is gone but Pod of Horror rolls on. Here’s what we squeezed into episode #32:

* Farewell to Wilbanks. PoH listeners speak out about Dave’s departure.

* James Newman dishes on writing, THE WICKED and upcoming projects.

* Steve Savile clues us in on Dr. Who, winter in Stockholm and how making a woman cry can get your novel published.

* Nanci Kalanta tell us about Horror World’s April update and what really went on at WHC.

* Scott Bradley makes a triumphant return as Reviewmaster General.

* There’s a new Tomb of Trivia clue.

Pod of Horror is hosted by Mark Justice. Download it at I-Tunes or direct to your desktop.
And be sure to drop by the Justice & Wilbanks message board.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A New Story

"Little Fishy" is in Bare Bone #10.

It's not up at Shocklines yet, but you can order it at the Raw Dog Screaming Press site.

Why should you order it? It's got a story by Tom Piccirilli, damnit! Here's the full lineup:


When Sussurus Stirs • Jeremy Robert Johnson
These Hands, Those Feet, This Heart • Mark Patrick Lynch
Regarding Dead Things on the Side of the Road • Benjamin X. Wretlind
The Love Parade • Cody Goodfellow
Playaway • Gary Fry
Little Fishy • Mark Justice
Questionnaire • Paul Finch
Red Soil • Robert Dunbar
Beneath the Husband • D. Harlan Wilson
New Pad • MP Johnson
All is Calm • Ronald Damien Malfi
Something in the Way • Gary McMahon
Wings of an Angel • Mark Zirbel
Pregnant Pause • John Platt
Somethnig has Goen Very Wrong • Kendall Evans
A Haunt of Hammers • Michael Kelly
Watching • Jeremy C. Shipp
Blue • Tom Piccirilli


Not the Reaper • Michael A. Arnzen
• Joy Marchand
The Great Man’s Apology • Steve Rasnic Tem
The Spider King • K.S. Hardy
The Reading • Cathy Buburuz
Taking Down the Nativity • Kurt Newton
Femme à La Carte • Jamison Landry
A Message for the Loved Unknown • Charlee Jacob
As a King Weeps • Jeffrey A. Stadt
Paper • Donna Lynch

Sunday, April 01, 2007


It's a nice one from Horror World.

"State Your Opinion"

At my first radio job thirty years ago, when I was a lowly weekender, the station had hired a guy with no radio experience to be the news director. This guy had apparently worked at a small newspaper somewhere in his past and he brought it up every time I saw him (he was a little guy but he had a huge mutant head -- one day I'll have to tell you about my aversion to people with disproportionate heads, like Food TV's Giada De Laurentis.)

Now, the station didn't really need a news director. The disc jockies read five minutes of news at the top of every hour, news culled from the AP wire machines. What the station did need was an evening disc jockey. So this guy played records from 6-11 P.M. -- a chore he detested -- and from 11 to Midnight he hosted a news talk show.

Imagine you're a news director, given the opportunity to discuss local, regional and national issues five nights a week. Would you prepare a list of topics each night? Would you invite politicians to debate their positions? Would you at least offer up a theme for each show?

Not Big-Headed News Director Disc Jockey (hereafter BHNDDJ). After the reading of the 11:00 P.M. news, he would announce that the phone lines were open. There were no call screeners. The station didn't have a delay system. BHNDDJ would answer the phone on the air, welcome the caller to the talk show, then intone in his reed-thin eastern Kentucky accent, "State your opinion."

The caller would start talking about whatever was on his or her mind -- leash laws, the president, Kentucky basketball -- and BHNDDJ would stand up and leave the room.

That's right. The host of the show would walk to the outer office to check the AP wire while the caller was on the air.

It turns out that BHNDDJ had a very short attention span. He also was more fond of being able to say he hosted a talk show than he was at actually, you know, doing the show.

It didn't tale long for listeners to catch on. After BHNDDJ left the room, callers would engage in long profanity-filled rants on marijuana legalization, bestiality and UFOs. It was kind of like an early version of the Art Bell show, if directed by Clerks Kevin Smith.

It probably won't shock you to learn that the BHNDDJ talk show was short lived.

All this is leading up to an invitation to drop by the message board and State Your Opinion. Things have been pretty active there lately and the gang likes talking about books, movies comics and writing.

Play nice. And if your head is too big for your body, I don't want to know about it.