Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bighead

A project I spent a fair amount of time on has finally been released. It’s the audio version of Edward Lee’s hillbilly horror novel, The Bighead. Delirium Books commissioned me to narrate it, and to say I’ve had a blast would be the understatement of the century.

If you’re a horror fan, then you know Lee’s work. If you have never read Lee, then let me offer this caveat: The Bighead, like a lot of Lee’s work, is graphic. No, let’s make that Graphic. There are tons of gore and sex and cussin’ and violence and weird sex and scatological bodily function oddness. Hey, you remember what those good ol’ boys did to Ned Beatty in the film version of Deliverance? There are things in The Bighead that are at least a thousand time worse than that. Off the top of my head, there are three or four scenes that will make you either laugh like a donkey or puke. Or do both at the same time (and that ain’t easy; believe me, I know). Just something to keep in mind.

If you decide to order it, I think the recording turned out pretty well, and so do some other people whose opinion I respect. I had a great time bringing to life Lee’s hilarious dialogue, especially the scenes with Dicky and Balls. If you’d like to snag it, here’s a link.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pod of Horror #43: Knight, Lamberson, Bell

Like a stinky corpse that won’t stay down, Pod of Horror has crawled from the grave once again. Where did we go? Download the show to discover the horrible truth behind our heinous hiatus! PoH #43 also features interviews with Brian Knight, Greg Lamberson and David Jack Bell, along with the latest news from Nanci in The Call of Kalanta and free stuff in The Tomb of Trivia. Pod of Horror is hosted and produced by Mark Justice.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Recent Sales

The creepy pic is the cover of The Horror Library Volume 3, due out later this year. I'm in there, and the other writers are very impressive:

"The Station" by Bentley Little
"Guarded" by Michael A. Arnzen
"The Apocalypse Ain't So Bad" by Jeff Strand
"Under the Bridge Downtown" by Gary A. Braunbeck & Matthew Warner
"After" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"Masks and Shadows" by Cullen Bunn
"Consumed" by Michael Louis Cavillo
"Ashes of the Dead" by Kurt Dinan
"Clover" by Gina Ranalli
"Being Supreme" by Mark Justice
"The Steel Church" by Charles Colyott
"Them" by Sunil Sadanand
"The River Child" by R. Michael Burns
"Obsidian Sea" by Kurt Kirchmeier
"The Rhythm Method" by Mikal Trimm
"When The Skies Toss Down Rains Heavy" by Eric Grizzle
"The Orange Mammoth" by Matt Bain
"Short Stacked" by Rodney J. Smith
"The Review" by Richard Moore
"Extra Innings" by John Peters
"The Birdie" Stephen Couch
"Toll" by Blu Gilliand
"Blink The Blood Away" by R.M. Ridley
"Teeth" by Alison Campbell-Wise

I'm also in Moonstone's The Avenger Chronicles, an anthology of stories about Street & Smith's other pulp hero after Doc Savage and The Shadow. There will be a trade paperback and a limited edition hardcover. Here's the thing: the publisher tells me that my story will appear in one edition or the other. I'll let you know when I hear it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Horror Tournament

Over at the message board, my pal Matt Cowan has put together a March madness-style competition between horror novels. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Head over there now to vote for King or Koontz or Laymon or Braunbeck, along with a bunch of others.