Thursday, November 27, 2008

Metal Crypt

Dave Wilbanks and I were guests on Metal Crypt a couple of weeks ago. You can hear all the rambling, nonsense and bad jokes here.

Happy Thanksgiving

From the offices of Department of Justice, we extend to you best wishes for the holiday, and hope you spend it with family and friends. Save some pie for us.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Horror Library Volume 3

Volume 3 of Horror Library is out -- or about to be any second -- with my story "Being Supreme".

The lineup this time includes Bentley Little, Kealan Patrick Burke and Gary Braunbeck.

Clicking here will preview the first two pages of my story, while this link lets you see the table of contents, sample other stories and order the book.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

By the Way

Here's a link to that Pod of Horror episode that featured Robert McCammon and Pulpmaster General Ron Fortier.


What's the true meaning of Thanksgiving? The two freshly-baked Red Velvet cakes and two pumpkin pies cooling on my kitchen counter, that's what!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Past Year

We just got a first edition hardcover of Boy's Life for a Christmas present to a friend, and I realized that it was almost a year ago that I had the chance to tell Robert R. McCammon how much his novel meant to me.

In the last 12 months I interviewed McCammon, I interviewed Bill Clinton and I got to write a story about The Avenger.

I also produced some good radio, a few podcasts and sold a few other stories. All in all, not a bad year.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


More on Mexico:

The trip was great. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort at Rivera Maya. I got a little tired of the wristband we had to wear, but it was a small complaint. The weather was perfect everyday. Norma and I took walks on the beach each morning, at least until I cut my feet. That’s right, the Justice vacation curse struck again.

See, for years, each time I was on vacation, we had an appliance fail. Air conditioning, washer, dryer, and so on. Then karma took a cruel turn and the new rule became I fell off our deck and screwed up my shoulder. Burned the top of my foot. Fell off one of the pirate ships used in the Johnny Depp movies, etc. In Mexico, it was lacerations on both of my feet from the rough surface of the resort’s pool.

I had an amusing time visiting the resort’s doctor, who insisted on being paid in cash and sending me to a Mexican hospital. I declined the latter offer. I spent the last couple of days on the deck of our pool side suite, socializing with our neighbors. Despite my injury, it was an excellent trip, and I would do it again. Maybe I’d be a little more careful next time (and I did have water shoes, which were full of sand from the beach; now I wish I’d worn them anyway).

By the way, I’m on vacation again next week, and on Thursday our dishwasher died. Hopefully, the appliance took the bullet this time.

The photo above was taken by Norma from the resort’s lobby two weeks ago just before we left for the airport.


I spent this morning with my wife, shopping for Thanksgiving. Norma’s a super-shopper, who spent two weeks plotting out the shopping, clipping paper coupons and loading e-coupons on her Kroger card. She saved $60 today, so I guess it worked out.

We’ll have a house full of family and friends. My part in the preparation revolves around eliminating the piles of books that have accumulated since last Thanksgiving.

On top of that, we’re getting new carpet and furniture the week after Thanksgiving, so I have to create a whole new filing system for all the books, since our shelves are long past full. I am genetically incapable of getting rid of books, so I have my work cut out for me.


I’ve barely had a chance to crack the covers on The Avenger Chronicles. The two stories I’ve read have been excellent. Ron Goulart was the writer chosen to carry on the Avenger paperback series for Warner Books in the 70s after the original pulp novels had all been reprinted. His story in TAC is a sequel of one of those novels. I’ve always enjoyed Goulart’s style, and this story reads like he wrote it 30 years ago.

I’ve also read James Reasoner’s entry. Reasoner is one of the top western writers working today (he dabbles in the mystery and historical fields too). He’s also a pulp fan, and that shows in his Avenger story.

So far the book is off to a great start.

And before anybody points this out, I am fully aware that I am incapable of reading an anthology in order. You’ll just have to live with it.


I have writing to do this week. Wish me luck on carving out the time. I have a feeling it will done after my whip-cracking better half goes to bed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess What I'm Doing Next Week?

Besides doing all the jobs on Norma's honey-do list to get the house ready for Thanksgiving.

My plot for a short story has just been approved by the license-holder. So I'll be writing about one of the world's first super-heroes (and I don't mean Popeye! Arf!), for an anthology to be published next year. I'm as jazzed about this as I was for the Avenger book.

More on this when the story is accepted.


Pod of Horror has been postponed again. This is entirely my fault, and due mostly to my day job and other bill-paying obligations. If you feel the need to hate me, the line starts right behind Nanci Kalanta.


I'm Twittering again. For the life of me, I don't know why. Follow me here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Secret Masters

Legendary country singer Loretta Lynn was in town to perform the other day. Her bus was parked in front of my office (she was staying at the hotel next door).

As I was leaving, one of the local homeless guys rushed by me. I asked him was what going on.

"Loretta Lynn is handing out autographs," he said. "Come get one."

I told him I was running late for an appointment.

"By the way," he said, "did you know Loretta Lynn is a robot built by the two-fingered people who really control the world?"

I didn't. But that explains why she can still perform at 115 years old.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back From Mexico

It was a great trip. I’ve decided I’m tired of airports. And it’s good to be with our cats again. More when I catch up on rest.

I came home to find my contributor’s copies of The Avenger Chronicles. It’s a nice looking book that includes two contributions from me: a solo story and a collaboration. You can find it here. (I was a late addition to the lineup so I didn't make the cut for the Amazon listing. *sigh*)