Saturday, August 22, 2015

Write On

Hey! Long time no update.

Here’s some of the writing things I have going on.

I’m finishing a story this weekend for a charity anthology. Then I have to immediately finish another short story for a secret project I’m involved in with some friends.

After that, it’s on to a horror novel that is about half done. This one’s been sitting for too long. I’m looking forward to visiting with these characters again. I’m trying to finish off some old projects that still excite me.

Speaking of old projects, for a few years, I’ve been toying with an idea called Usher’s Furnace. I expected it to be a graphic novel, and I had some small interest in that. That particular avenue has disappeared. Now I’m rethinking how it might work as a novel. And I’m thinking it will work just fine.

What about The Dead Sheriff? The first draft of the second book is sitting right here. Behind-the-scenes changes have affected the future of the book, though I’m quite confident it will be published. Check back with me after when 2016 gets here.

I won’t have anything out in 2015, expect perhaps a story or two. Next year, though, should be a different story.

As always, I’ll keep you updated here.