Sunday, February 06, 2011

Winter Writing

There’s little to report this time around, except work continues on the third–and still untitled–Dead Earth novel. At this point, the writing is going well and it feels like a great story. I know I’m having fun.

When I’m not taking my turn on DE3, I’m writing a long horror novella. I’m aiming for 35 thousand words. The story has produced a character that I’m fascinated with, and one that may show up in future tales, provided he survives. We’ll see. Meanwhile, the novella is set during the blistering heat of summer. Is that a reaction to the weather outside the window while I'm writing? Probably. Am I asking questions of myself and answering them ala Donald Rumsfeld? Yes. Yes, I am.

By the way, the novella finally has a title. It’s The Ghosts of Logan County.