Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Halloween Costumes I Wish I Had--Part One


Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

Hilarious costumes. Halloween is my wedding anniversary, but we haven't gone to a costume party since the wedding reception. Maybe my sweetie will be into dressing up this year.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have started regular updates to my writing blog at Come on by if you have a chance.

Still loving PoH. Scott has given me some really excellent suggestions for reading and research for my horror novel. The interviews are great as always. I am really looking forward to the John Skipp interview. Scott got me reading Skipp and Spector and I am just loving it.

Their book Animals is being made into a movie, so maybe you could get Craig Spector on the show sometime, too.

Peace and progress,

Rich Ristow said...

That snake thing is a little too much! =)

Mark Justice said...

"That snake thing is a little too much! =)"

That's not what Senator Larry Craig said.