Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Video Watchdog #133

I just finished the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines.

I love movies, but I consider myself a casual fan rather than an perfectionist. I can't imagine watching several different versions of a film to note the difference in running times and subtitles.

Fortunately, I have have Video Watchdog to do that for me. In addition to the obsessive cataloging of film details, I'm constantly impressed by the subject matter the magazine covers. Science Fiction, Horror, Asian cinema, film noir, obscure independent and foreign films.

It's like Tim Lucas sat down and said, "How can we make a magazine that will make Mark Justice happy?"

This issue offers lengthy reviews of new box sets of Charlie Chan, Michael Shayne, The Untouchables and Mission Impossible, along with essays on newer flicks like Children of Men and Hollywoodland. In each issue of VW, I usually learn about a film or two that I have to seek out. This time around it's Death Rides a Horse, a 1967 spaghetti western starring John Phillip Law and Lee Van Cleef, and These Are the Damned, a 1961 hammer SF film that has been around in a butchered form for a long time. Editor/publisher Lucas presents an exhaustive examination of the differences in the directors cut of Damned and previous releases.

It's another solid issue and highly recommended for hardcore fans of genre films.


Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

Interesting post. I would love to know what VW magazine says about Children of Men. It is one of my favorite recent movies. Everything felt so real in that film. If ever there was a movie encapsulating the stupidity of war, it's the second half of CoM.

Anyway, the latest PoH was great, too. I just finished Skipp's new book and added it to my writing/reading blog over at Come take a look when you have a minute.


Mark Justice said...

Nice blog, man.