Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Babeeee!

Norma and I were married 26 years ago. And they said it wouldn't last.

No, really, several pinheads I hung out with at the time said, "Man, it'll never last."

It's been a low-key day. We went out for breakfast, did some shopping, then came home to hang out with the cats and watch a movie.

I'm on vacation, and so far I've slept and tried to catch up on the movies I've missed. At the moment Gone Baby Gone leads the pack (so much so that after renting it, I bought a copy), with Juno a close second and No Country For Old Men solidly in third place (and for those who are bound to ask, Walk Hard and 10,000 B.C. round out the top 5).

I also picked up Robert B. Parker's new western, Resolution. It's a quick, satisfying read. Think Spenser in the old west, with no shrinks.

I've also got the new Robert Crais and new James Lee Burke on order. When you can read new releases from three of your favorite writers, that's a good vacation.

Tomorrow, back to the writing.

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Anonymous said...

Congrates to you and your wife, Mark.