Friday, March 21, 2014

Selfie and an Update

I hoped to get a blog update done last weekend and it didn’t happen. So this will be the make-up entry.

It’s Friday evening, and in addition to a busy week at my day job, I’ve also been battling some weird combination of cold and sinus infection. Pity me not, for I am on the mend. Or pity me some, for it couldn’t hurt, I guess

More importantly, we’ve been preoccupied with caring for Clark, our 18-year-old cat who has had a bad week. He suffers from a few ailments and every time he struggles we fear he’s near the end. At the moment, he’s bounced back and is acting like his old self. Or, at least the best version of his 18-year-old self. I’ll take that. Most pet owners will understand that he is part of our family, a huge part.

I feel no need to explain that to people who aren’t animal lovers. They will never understand nor do I need their understanding. In fact, here’s a small confession: as open-minded as I try to be, I never completely trust anyone who doesn’t like animals.

Egads! My prejudice has been exposed.

I want this to be a good weekend for writing. My day job has taken over my life for the past few months, but things seem to be settling down to something close to a normal schedule now. Hopefully this means being able to strike a healthy balance between my two passions.

Yeah, I love what I do for a living. My mania for radio is worthy of a few blog posts in the future. My writing is equally important to me. Sometimes, though, I find it tough to switch gears between the two. More on that later.

I’ll be back later to report on how the weekend is going. Until then, whether you’re searching for jets or seeking the meaning of life, follow the evidence. Question everything.

And don't forget: mac and cheese will never let you down.

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