Friday, January 15, 2016

Back in Time

Yesterday I had occasion to be in a building where I once worked, more than 30 years ago.

It’s a different place now. New business. New owners. Completely remodeled. Except...

Except I could see the old place, like a ghost image. Two photographs overlapping. I thought of my time there, and tried to conjure up one single good memory.

I couldn’t. All I remembered was screaming, cursing, unhappiness and general dysfunctional behavior.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to stay long.

As I drove home, I realized there had to be one or two pleasant recollections associated with that place, if only I could dig down deep. And then I thought of my life today, and realized that my experiences in that place helped shaped me into the man who built a life far better than all that craziness so long ago.

So, I acknowledge that time. But only just barely. It’s 2016 and I’ve got things to do.

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