Friday, September 08, 2006

Fan Mail

I got this lovely email message today regarding my radio show. I’ve adjusted the profanity for the more sensitive of you, but the rest is unchanged.

First Name: DANNY
Last Name: ******
Email Address: DANNY_******@HOTMAIL.COM
State: KY
Comments: I think that was bulls*** the other morning, when you idiots was making fun of not only Steve Irwin, but of God as well.. I hope you know that i used to listen to your radio station, but now, i won't even dare to listen.. You try to act funny, but it's cruel.. I hope you all who was involved get paid back, and i am sure you all will... God don't let things like that happen. You should be ashamed of yourself.. Everyone i know heard that, and they too are upset, and furious... I think it is a discrace.. to make fun of one of the best men in the world.. Steve Irwin was the best guy ever, and you dumb idiots assholes, made fun of him... and Our Lord... I hope you all go broke.. no one will be listening to your station anymore... 104.1 wpay IS THE BEST RADIO STATION EVER, YOU ALL DON'T EVEN COMPETE THERE... SO GROW UP, AND GET A LIFE, AND THINK REALLY HARD ABOUT WHAT YOU DID... PAYBACKS COULD BE HORRIBLE IN GIDS EYES... YOU WOULD DESERVE IT.. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY NOW, NO ONE LIKE YOUR STAION... I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY TO WORTHLESS PEOPLE WHO ARE SUCH A DISCRACE TO MY COMMUNITY... SO F*** OFF, THATS MY OPINION, AND I DO HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEACH... F*** HEADS... BYE ASSHOLES... DUMB F***S.. IDIOTS.. F*** C***S..OHHHH AND D*** HOLE LICKERS, AND C** SUCKERS!!! HAHAHAHHA! F***TARDS THATS WHAT YOU ARE, YOU ARE THEM S***, I JUST S*** OUT... LITERALLY... YOU ARE A TURD... THATS IT, F***ERS


Thanks for listening. I appreciate your input into the creative process, but I fear that “Gid” may not approve of the swearing in your “speach”.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

God dammit, Mark. Why do you always get the best fan mail?

--Matthew Warner

Mark Justice said...

It's my warm personality, which apparently screams out, "Hey Nutjobs! Over here!"

Anonymous said...

Gid? Is some Lovecraftian thing, or something?

Mark Justice said...