Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Word Count

Not much writing time today, but at least I hit five figures:



Unknown said...

Go Mark, Go!

Bryan in Sacramento checking in. I am doing Nanowrimo, too. My goal is 2000 words a day with Fridays off to play World of Warcraft with my wife. So far I'm on the mark at just over 8k.

I am doing a horror/fantasy this year in a rustic Italian setting. Couldron of Shadows is about a group of soldiers returning from war to discover their town is bogged down in evil!

Woohoo! Keep writing.

Mark Justice said...

Thanks, Bryan.

You have a wife who WANTS to play video games with you? Wow! :^)

Good luck with the novel. Meeting that daily quota is tough, but very rewarding. Keep plugging away.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have the coolest lady ever. In fact, I also have the coolest mother-in-law ever, too. They BOTH play world of warcraft, read horror novels and listen to heavy metal.

I made it to 10k last night, too, by the way. I need to work on my outline a bit, though, because I am almost halfway through my story but only a fifth into the wordcount. Guess I need to get more detailed or weave in another plot.

Dead Earth: The Green Dawn is on the Christmas list. I hope it doesn't sell out by then.

Catch ya later, Mark.

Mark Justice said...

My words-to-plot ratio seems to be close to where it needs to be. I'm just going to write it all down and deal with it in the end.

I've been tripped up too many times by my tendency to go back and change something. I really think it's a subconscious way to hide from having to deal with a sticky story problem, or the fear of not knowing what comes next. For me, anyway.

So full speed ahead. Finish it then see what needs to be fixed. That's my motto.