Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pod of Horror #68: Joe R. Lansdale

Pod of Horror is back, and #68 features the legendary Joe R. Lansdale, plus newcomers Jonathan Janz and Ty Schwamberger, as well as the creator and host of The Funky Werepig, Greg Hall. Nanci Kalanta has the news, Jason L. Keene goes to the movies with Moonshine Matinee, and we give away swag in The Tomb of Trivia. Scary Words reviews Southard, Janz, Cato and Schwamberger. The fear is here with Pod of Horror #68, produced and hosted by Mark Justice. Get it now at iTunes or here.

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Anonymous said...

LOVED being a part of your show, Mark. I've listened to it for several years, so listening to myself talking to you on it was pretty surreal. And awesome. And made even more awesome by sharing the show with Joe R. Lansdale, who's only one of my writing idols.

Thanks again, Mark!