Sunday, August 06, 2006

Work, Work, Work

Nothing but work lately.

Yesterday, we put together Pod of Horror #19. I think it's one of our best shows. Tomorrow, you can tell us what you think.

Today was devoted to writing (with a brief break for a road rage incident. Oddly enough, the rage wasn't on my part. Dave Wilbanks will be so disappointed in me.) I'm trying to finish a project that was due a long time ago, but has been interrupted by an extended illness, the job and health problems on the part of other family members. Hopefully, I'll type THE END tomorrow.

Friday evening at 6:30 I'll be reading "Deadnecks" at Horrorfind Weekend in Baltimore. If you're planning on being at the con, please drop by and pretend to laugh at the funny parts.


Anonymous said...

Great work on Pod of Horror. I made a bet with my friend that it wouldn't last more than 5 episodes. I'm glad I lost that bet.

Flip Dixon said...

Possible topic of discussion for a future POH: why is the horror genre doing so weakly at the moment? Horror movies always open strongly or fantastically well.

The best selling book debut of last year was a horror novel -- THE HISTORIAN. Another novel, THE RUINS, is being heavily promoted as a horror novel and is a bestseller.

There is clearly an audience for this material -- why aren't the publishers stepping up to the plate?

Flip Dixon said...


I don't think either the HISTORIAN or THE RUINS were marketed as horror novels. They were marketed as historical or suspense thrillers.

I think what the horror genre needs is a breakout novel that can prove to people that horror can sell. I haven't seen it yet, but here's hoping. My guess is that Brian Keene has the best shot of doing this, because he has the talent and the PR abilities.

Mark Justice said...

Rachel! Love your show.

Pamela, check out tomorrow's POH #19 for another viewpoint on the health of written horror, from someone in a position to know.

PBP, I agree with you on Keene. He looks like horror's next superstar.