Sunday, January 02, 2011

True Grit

The new version of the 1969 John Wayne/Glen Campbell/Kim Darby flick (which is supposed to be more faithful to the Charles Portis novel, which I have never read) is a pleasant surprise. It's a good western which also succeeds as a great movie.

The Coen Brothers have crafted a solid and entertaining film, resisting the need to bombard the audience with quick edits, a modern soundtrack or distracting special effects. Instead, they created a solid script, hired superb actors and an excellent cinematographer, and came up with a film that is violent, touching and surprisingly funny.

Speaking of superb actors, Hallie Steinfeld is a revelation as Mattie Ross. She should have been third-billed in the credits, ahead of Josh Brolin, whose role is comparatively brief.

Jeff Bridges, as Rooster Cogburn, deserves another Oscar nomination.

But the thing that pleased me the most about True Grit was that Glen Campbell wasn't in it.

Next, they need to make a movie about the breakfast my Dad always forced on us when we were on family vacations. But would anyone go to see True Grits?

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Sheena said...

I've never met a Coen movie I didn't like. Those brothers are twisted!