Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Night of Hope

Hope’s Place is a local child advocacy center dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse.

Thursday night Norma and I were honored to be guests at Hope’s Place’s annual Mystery Dinner, one of their major fund-raising events. The dinner was sold out.
We both took part in the mystery play. She was a human prop for a blindfolded psychic who tried to identify two of her, ah, physical attributes. I was Murph Crapington, budding TV evangelist and murder suspect. I did my best to uphold the fine Crapington name.

Here’s Norma with local musician Larry Pancake and Phil Osbourne, the world’s greatest guitarist:

And in this pic, Murph Crapington strikes a pose with local TV icon Randy Yohe:

It’s a tragedy that Hope's Place needs to exist, but for the victims of abuse, Hope’s Place is a blessing. Find out more about this fine organization here.

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