Friday, October 12, 2007

Pod of Horror, Walking the Plank, Saddling Up, Plumber's Butt

It’s been a strange week, as summer finally morphs into fall. Norma is still struggling with the cold from Hell (or, actually, the Caribbean – but since that includes Dominica, Hell still applies). I’ve been struggling with staying awake. Something about the weather, I guess. I couldn’t wait for Autumn and now I’m going to snooze through it.


I’ve been reading a lot – some reviews are over at my other blog – but the writing has been slow in coming. I’m still plugging away on various things, even though I think I left my concentration back on St. Lucia, when I fell off of the Black Pearl. Yes, I had a flip-flop blowout as I was climbing off the pirate ship. How humiliating. The drunk guy didn’t fall off. Neither did the old lady or the woman with the cane. *sigh*. Here I am at the wheel of the Black Peal with one of the “pirates” before the tumble:


I got an invitation to an anthology of western stories this week. It will be my first western, though it won’t be very traditional. Unless robot lawmen are traditional. Heh.


There will finally be a new Pod of Horror on October 20 (which is the same day my brother gets married). Don’t forget about the PoH MySpace page. I need more friends, so please drop by.


Finally, for your entertainment, here’s a picture of my soon-to-be-married brother Dave showing off his plumber qualifications while petting Lois:

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Brandon said...

That is hilarious! Has his future bride seen this yet? LOL.