Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pod of Horror News

Hey, thanks to the lovely and talented Nanci Kalanta,

Nanci Kalanta in her kitchen

Pod of Horror now has a MySpace page.

So head over there now and do whatever it is you do at places like that. And sign up to be a friend. 'Skay? Sawright.

But wait...there's even bigger news. We now have a Pod of Horror store, where you can purchase authentic PoH merchandise, like this stylish number:

And, more importantly, this:

Doesn't that just give you a tingle in your special place? I thought so. So what are you waiting for? Help your favorite podcast. Baby needs a new thong.

As Bartles and James once said: thank you for your support.


rich said...

Hey Mark, that gives me flashbacks to when I mistaked a picture of Marie Osmond for Nanci.

Said thing is, I fell for it again!



rich said...

(ooh....damn typos...)

Mark Justice said...

What? You don't think Nanci can cook? :^)