Monday, October 22, 2007

Pod of Horror in Rue Morgue

My little podcast gets a shout-out in issue #72 of Rue Morgue magazine. In an article on horror podcasts (and, God, who knew there were so many?) Kent McIntyre and Monica S. Kuebler say:

"Hosted by genre scribe Mark Justice (Deadneck Hootenanny), with regular reports from Nanci Kalanta of, this long-running podcast focuses exclusively on horror literature. Episodes feature publishing news, author interviews, con reports, book reviews (by Scott Bradley), juicy gossip and even some spooky tunes. Casual but very chatty, PoH is updated once, sometimes twice, monthly and each episode is roughly an hour long. Be sure to listen carefully for the hilarious spoof ads."

Thanks to Rue Morgue -- one of my favorite magazines -- for the plug, and for noticing the spoof ads. This is actually our second mention in RM. How cool is that?

(Thanks to Dannyboy for the heads-up.)

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Anonymous said...

There may be others...but POH is da best!